Developing a pipeline of transformative therapies to combat cancer, infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases caused by chronic inflammation.
VG Life Sciences Inc.
VG Life Sciences’ research deploys two technology platforms in the development of transformative therapies to combat drug-sensitive and multi drug-resistant cancers, infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases caused by chronic inflammation. As patient advocates, we are driven by our passion to fulfill an unmet need to treat these pernicious and deadly diseases. Our scientific team, led by a foremost expert in chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases, collaborates with thought leaders around the globe to advance novel treatments that will save and improve millions of lives. Our management, advisers and collaborators, who have had impressive success in business, drug development and the pharmaceutical industry, are contributing broad expertise and support to helping us accomplish our mission.
Metabolic Disruptive Technology (MDT)
to Combat Drug-Resistant Cancer
Our patent-pending cancer therapy, a combination of two FDA-approved drugs, has produced promising results in early-stage clinical trials during which prolonged periods of disease stabilization were shown in patients with metastatic ovarian cancer, triple-negative breast cancer and metastatic lung cancer. We believe our drug disrupts the cells’ metabolic ability to acquire energy, making them more susceptible to cancer-killing agents, and more visible and vulnerable to the body’s own immune system.  LEARN MORE
Targeted Peptide Technology (TPT) to
to Knock Out Autoimmune and Infectious Diseases
VG1177 deploys a patented, synthesized peptide that uses its superior binding abilities to eliminate the unwanted CLIP (Class II-associated invariant chain peptide) that is displayed on specific B cells, leading to chronic inflammation. In essence, VG1177 knocks the unwanted CLIP off the cell, halting the chronic inflammatory state that plays a major role in numerous autoimmune diseases. In our pre-clinical research, VG1177 has shown effectiveness against hypertension, traumatic brain injury and preeclampsia. Our primary focus is to rapidly advance this drug candidate into pre-clinical studies and clinical trials.  LEARN MORE