Important research showing that the VGLS patented drug VG1177 has an impact in fighting hypertension and kidney disease was presented on July 28, 2015 by Edward Inscho, Ph.D. at Texas A & M University. Dr. Inscho’s research focused on the impact of inflammatory processes on renal microvascular function and hypertension.

Chronic inflammation is linked to hypertension, and kidney injury.

“Continued research focused on the immune system involvement may open novel therapeutic targets for inflammatory kidney disease and hypertension,” said Inscho, an internationally recognized expert in renal microvascular function,

VG1177 is a synthetic peptide that is an antagonist to the MHC Class II-associated invariant peptide (CLIP) for binding to the MHC peptide-binding groove.

VGLS Chief Scientist M. Karen Newell-Rogers, Ph.D., an inventor of VG1177, postulates that self-peptide binding to MHC plays a key role in chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases, including HIV/AIDS, hypertension, preeclampsia and traumatic brain injury.

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